Meet The TELLER Team

When it comes to your physical, mental and spiritual health you want the best team working with you on your goals. That’s why TELLER has experts in every field along your journey.

Alison Gallón

Finding beauty in imperfection and celebrating small moments is Alison’s way.  At 17, Alison received Level 2 Reiki Attunement in the Usui tradition of Reiki, and began studying Aromatherapy. By 21, Alison was licensed in Esthetics, completed her studies of Aromatherapy, Spa treatments, and received Medical Esthetic Certifications.  She continuously studies the Arcane Sciences, Tarot, Qabalah, Ayurveda, and Yoga and is enrolled in the Yoga and Ayurveda Immersion Program at Borealis in Medford, MA. In Alison’s Tarot work, she brings humor and comfort, and incorporates her strengths as an empath and healer who can understand many people. Readings are aimed at invoking change in consciousness, leading towards what’s happening inside and not the outward appearance. As a healer, she combines Reiki with color vibration, and aromatherapy- and sometimes, crystal energy to create a supercharged healing treatment, in a beautiful way. You will leave smiling and grateful. Alison has studied with Gerri DeSimone at Circles of Wisdom in Mediumship Development, The Fraternity of the Hidden Light, and in numerous discussion groups, at the Theosophical Society in Arlington MA.

Melissa Viera

Melissa Vieira has been reading tarot for friends and family for twenty years and recently dived into professional reading in 2019. She loves to teach her clients about energy clearing and the importance of positive thinking. Crystals and energy work have been a passion for years. She is also a novelist and loves to use her style of storytelling in her readings to paint a complete picture. She loves being able to guide clients in the right direction with a mix of cards and a little bit of uncontrolled (so far) mediumship. While it’s very new to her, she plans on developing the mediumship abilities further to help clients. She uses a variety of decks in her freestyle type of reading and occasionally a cuss word will come out so she only reads for adults 18 and over.

Kelly Fairy

Kelly is a gifted intuitve healer and card reader. Kelly uses mediums such as card readings, crystals and ceromancy as some of her favorite divinations. Kelly has recently studied abroad in Avalon, Glastonbury at Earth Spirit with High Priestesses and many other gifted healers.

Anna McCabe

Student Tarot Reader and Spell Caster

Carianne Bonjorno

Yoga Instructor

Breanne Mahoney

Bre Mahoney is a certified Teacher in Visual Arts at all grade levels. A practicing artist who studied drawing and painting while earning her BFA at Montserrat College of art, and later a Masters of Teaching in Arts from Salem State University. Bre has been teaching in a variety of urban school settings for the past 13 years, while hosting paint nights and after-school classes on the side. Recently Bre has decided to dedicate her passion for teaching art and wellness to children and adults outside of the classroom, where they will have more fun, freedom and time to be creative in expressing themselves!

Sharon Marrama


Sardis has been performing and teaching Belly Dance for over 30 years. For over 10 years she was sole belly dance instructor at Springstep, Medford, MA. She has offered classes in belly dance at Arlington Community Education, (Arlington High School, Arlington MA), Winchester Recreation Center (Winchester High School, Winchester, MA), Cambridge Adult Education, (Cambridge, MA), The Armory, (Somerville, MA), as well as organized several workshops and performances in Massachusetts. She performs regularly with her troupe at local festivals, clubs, and restaurants. She is Director/ Choreographer for her professional belly dance troupe, Al-Jawary Al-Hassan.

Maria Sutcliffe

As a child, Maria believed that magic was real she just didn’t know how to find it.  After many years of spiritual searching, Maria finally found her magic in Reiki.  Now a Reiki Master, she wants to share the beautiful, healing energy of Reiki with everyone who needs a little magic in their lives.  As an empath and healer, Maria is exploring a number of different modalities, including Shamanic meditation and reflexology.  She is currently in the process of receiving the gift of the Rites of the Munay-Ki, and will soon move into the study of mediumship.  Maria feels that the experiences and opportunities to learn are the most enriching for our lives.  Be sure to ask her about the wonders of a facial massage with a Kansa wand!

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